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  • All our teachers are native speakers and our lessons are conducted entirely in the English language. Through a range of creative and fun teaching methods our aim is to encourage students to speak right from the first lesson. We want our students to develop a love for the English language and the ability to communicate confidently in the spoken and written word. 

    Language learning is a personal journey and no two language learners have the exact same ability, learning style or linguistic goals. We understand this and try to incorporate a variety of techniques into our lessons in order to accommodate the different needs of all of our students and keep are learners interested and motivated. We have designed a lot of the materials ourselves which we have blended with a range of carefully chosen books from UK publishers in order to ensure a quick and effective result.

    Whatever your age or level please book an appointment so we can first of all determine the language level of you or your child. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) breaks down this language ability into 6 different levels which are aligned with the Cambridge language examinations as follows:

    • A1- Beginner (Young Learner Examinations)
    • A2 – Elementary (KEY)
    • B1 – Intermediate (Preliminary)
    • B2 – Upper-Intermediate (FCE)
    • C1 – Advanced (CAE)
    • C2 – Proficiency (CPE)


    During your appointment we will carry out a needs analysis session to evaluate your specific goals and current level in order to give you suitable advice on which course is the most suitable for you or your child and expected timeframes and learning outcomes.


    Contact us for further information or to book an initial consultation.