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  • It is never too late to start or continue learning English. Learning a foreign language whether for work or for pleasure is a useful tool in today’s global society.  

    All our teachers are native speakers and our lessons are conducted entirely in the English language. Through a range of creative and fun teaching methods our aim is to encourage students to speak right from the first lesson. We want you to develop a love of the English language and the ability to communicate confidently in the spoken and written word. 

    We offer a full range of courses starting at the level of Pre-Intermediate and progressing through to the level of Proficiency (C2). The emphasis is on structured learning which develops your English language ability through a series of creative courses that ensure real English and effective communication.

    As well as General English courses we also prepare our adult students for a wide range of Cambridge examinations:

    • First Certificate
    • Advanced Certificate
    • Proficiency Certificate
    • IELTS
    • BEC (Business English Certificate)

    Adults may also be interested in our group Just Talk which is run on Friday evenings and which aims to develop and maintain communication in the spoken word. Students learn to share and express opinions on a wide range of topics under the guidance of a qualified native speaking teacher. A requirement of this course is the First Certificate examination (B2 level).


    Contact us for further information or to book an initial consultation.