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    Kim is a fully qualified and trained native English Teacher.  She has over sixteen years of experience in the field of English teaching and has worked across Europe for top organisations such as the British Council, International House, Cardiff University and a variety of smaller language institutions. She has created a wide range of teaching materials and courses and has edited books for two EFL publishing houses. Her creative approach to teaching and learning derives from her diverse academic background, she has a degree in International Business (with Spanish), a postgraduate degree in Computer Science and is certified in linguistics and language training.

    Having lived in Greece for the last 12 years she has a great love for the Greek language and has successfully passed her Greek Proficiency examination as well as a diploma in Translation Studies [Greek-English]. These study experiences have given her a great insight into the language learning process for Greek students which has led to the establishment of a language centre based on teaching students real English using a communicative approach.

    Furthermore Kim is a Trained Education UK Agent by the British Council and provides educational consultancy services to those looking to study in the UK or at other English-speaking universities around the world. She supports students with undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD applications enabling students to secure places at the best universities overseas.