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    Katerina studied English Language and Literature at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds a Master’s Degree (Master in Education with Distinction) in Special Education Needs from Leeds University, UK. She has trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis and Alternative Ways of Communicating with Children in the Autism Spectrum Disorders (TEAACH, PECS). She has worked as a Remedial Teacher at centres for children and adolescents with learning disabilities. She has attended many international and local conferences and participated as a speaker in seminars with various themes and topics. She writes articles in magazines for parents and children and her writing activity includes publishing a book about teaching English to children with learning disabilities, as well as a the book “Calm myself down? Forget about it!” addressing children with ADHD and their caretakers. She is a member of the European Dyslexia Association (EDA) and Pan-Hellenic Association of Special Educators.