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    Julia graduated with a Masters Degree in Educational Studies in 2012 from Warwick University and a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Studies in 2011 from Edge Hill University. Since graduating from her MA, she has been teaching, student counselling, co-ordinating the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), administrating and proof reading in Indonesia, Nepal, India and Bulgaria. Currently, she is also undertaking an online Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Sunderland University in order to develop her knowledge and skills with regards to learning and teaching.

    Being bilingual (Greek-English) and understanding more than two languages, she fully recognises the challenges of learning languages, regardless of age and educational background. She strives to help students build their confidence, develop their personal learning, become critical thinkers, celebrate their achievements and learn from their failures. As a teacher, she aims to create a safe environment, to establish open channels of communication and last but not least to make learning exciting, active and meaningful to all of her students.